Understanding our daily life problems using Integral Calculus

Apprehend Water Scarcity problem using basic integral equation

Whenever we arrive in the summer season, we come across the term ‘water scarcity ’ and the slogan ‘ Save Water ’. In our life, many people would have told us, or we ourselves would have told this slogan to many. But before we request others to practice something, we should also sensitize them about the problem and factors contributing to it. So, in this case, what are the incidents that are leading to the water scarcity problem?

Picture showing wastage of tap water while washing our hands with soap (source: Google Images)
Basic Integral equation

Dirty, Unhygienic society from Integral Calculus perspective

Another common scene that happens in our daily life is throwing off our redundant pieces onto the road after consuming the item. If you look at this incident exclusively, it appears to be a very small mistake that does not go to harm much to our society. But if we look at this incident from the Integral Calculus perspective, this is the incremental step that turns our society into a dirty, unhygienic one. Thousands of Metric Tonnes of Garbage that are lying in open areas are actually the culmination of careless disposals from individuals of our society. The lack of discipline in handling the waste generated among us is actually compelling our government to allocate lakhs of crores for the Swacch Bharath mission instead of allocating them to crucial sectors like Education, etc. So, it is very disgusting to see how a casual attitude towards waste disposal turns out to be a hindrance to our economic growth.

The River Analogy

If you consider any long river like Krishna, it will have a place of origin. But if you go and look at that place, there won’t be any water generator source that produces the water flowing in the river. So how is the river that flows hundreds of km is formed? It is formed from the conglomeration of millions of small water streams produced in mountains such as western ghats, forests, etc., during rainfall. Similarly, many of our present critical issues such as water scarcity, pollution (land, water & air) are actually the integration of very small casual attitudes/incidents/mistakes that are happening with approximately 140 crores of people located all over the country.

The way forward

There are two key takeaways from looking at our problems from an integral calculus perspective: (1) The casual attitude deeply embedded in every one of us from childhood. (2) A huge population of 140 crores. These two factors together actually distinguish our country from those countries dealing with the current problems in a better way.



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